A Pandemic Pause

Slowed Never Stopped...

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It's been a challenge not being able to perform and fellowship with the church at large.  The entire premise of our ministry is based upon the gathering of people and Covid-19 sure has put a squash on THAT.  BUT...none of this is a surprise to God.  We can still feel Him moving behind the scenes, preparing us for our (HIS) next steps.  In the meantime, check out a Covid-19 video update below, with more to come.   And in preparation for Plays On Word to be "on the road again", be sure to sign up for calendar updates, on the calendar below, so you don't miss a date.

Even if we aren't performing near you, we can always use your prayer for each show! us to find out how we can come perform for your community once The Good Lord opens the flood gates!


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