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We are excited to (finally) start our 2021 schedule as we performed “PETE” on Resurrection Sunday!


Please help us get the word out as congregations and communities begin opening up to hosting events such as ours. Who do you know that we should know? If you can think of anyone we can send a Pastor’s Preview Kitto in order to start the conversation and introduce our stateside missionary, please call or contact us through the email link here or at the bottom of this page.


Even if we aren't performing near you, we can always use your prayer for each show!  If you'd like to be one of our official Prayer Warriors, let us know here!  In turn, we continue to pray for a hedge of protection around all these congregations and venues still affected by Covid-19 and its restrictions. Check back often to see which stage we will be back on next! us to find out how we can come perform for your community as The Good Lord opens the flood gates!

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